“Age tax” Attacks: Not True

October 9, 2018

You’ve seen the ads saying Congressman MacArthur supported an “age tax”?

Independent fact checkers have said these attacks are simply not true.

The Truth?

Fact checkers pointed out that the “age tax” mentioned in these ads doesn’t reference a tax at all. They also concluded that “the provision didn’t apply to those on Medicare, or people over the age of 50 with coverage through” their employers.

Even further, older people in New Jersey would NOT have seen huge increases as a result of Congressman MacArthur’s efforts to undo the harmful effects of the “age tax”, which was created by the Affordable Care Act.

This is a scare tactic, plain and simple, and Andy Kim ought to be ashamed of himself for pushing this false claim.

Click here to read the PolitiFact article on these misleading “age tax” attacks.