MacArthur Launches TV Ads: “Mumia and Bill” & “Linda”

October 17, 2018
Toms River, New Jersey – MacArthur for Congress launched two television ads today to highlight Andy Kim’s involvement in a radical resistance organization. The first ad – “Mumia and Bill” – will let voters know that Andy Kim’s organization promoted and celebrated books by a convicted cop killer and domestic terrorist. The second ad – “Linda” – highlights Kim’s efforts in teaming up with an extremist who called for “jihad” against the President and the United States of America. 

Congressman MacArthur also slammed Andy Kim for again lying about the resistance organization he founded after President Donald Trump was elected. During a joint appearance with the Asbury Park Press on Facebook Live, Andy said he started a “Facebook group” when he really founded a national organization that incorporated and organized conventions and national protests.

“Andy Kim has a disturbing disregard for the truth and it reared its head again during a Facebook Live event with the Asbury Park Press. The resistance group he started was not simply a ‘Facebook group’. How many Facebook groups do you know have a Board of Directors, incorporate in Delaware and file with the IRS?” asked Congressman Tom MacArthur. “Andy Kim is not the bipartisan moderate he claims to be. He is running to protest Trump, not serve South Jersey. He started a resistance group, planned a conference, promoted books by a cop killer and a domestic terrorist, organized national resistance marches, and produced literature and other promotional materials calling for revolution. This is no moderate. He is partisan warrior, plain and simple.”

Transcript from Asbury Park Press Facebook Live (10/11/2018)

Andy Kim on Rise Stronger: “What I started was a Facebook group that was trying to get citizens excited about politics and find ways in which to channel some of their concerns into action, voter registration, a conference that was trying to give people some policy ideas on what was happening. And that’s what this was about. It was a volunteer effort, a Facebook based operation…” 

Randy Bergmann, Asbury Park Press: “What is this group that the Congressman’s referring to?”

Andy Kim: “A volunteer group that I organized off of a Facebook group that I set up where people could come and have discussions about politics…It was something I only did for a couple of months before I stopped working there or with this group. That’s all this was.”

The facts about Rise Stronger

Rise Stronger filed a 990 with the IRS, had a Board of Directors, which Andy Kim served on after founding it, organized a national convention, and branded the group a HUB for the resistance movement.

Rise Stronger has two Delaware corporations: 

A 501(c)(4) lobbying non-profit corporation with an incorporation date of March 2, 2017.  Andrew Kim is the signatory and the group’s mailing address is his home in Washington, DC. Andrew Kim is the incorporator and one of five directors (Christine Vargas, Ashley Gaudiano, Rahul Sinha, and Sanjaya Punyasena).

A 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation with an incorporation date of March 2, 2017. Andrew Kim is the signatory and the the group’s mailing address is his home in DC. Andrew Kim is the incorporator and one of five directors (Kim, Rahul Sinha, Stacey May, Christine Vargas, and Sophie Rutenbar). 

During this campaign Rise Stronger took down their website – – which is still mentioned on their Twitter: @rise_stronger