MacArthur Slams Kim for Accepting Youngkin Donations

October 19, 2018

Accepted donation after details of Youngkin’s abuse made public

Toms River, New Jersey – Congressman Tom MacArthur slammed Andy Kim for accepting donations from George Youngkin, Democrat candidate for Freeholder in Burlington County, who suspended his campaign after his history of domestic violence and stalking women was exposed by the Burlington County Times. According to FEC reports George Youngkin has contributed hundreds of dollars to Andy Kim for Congress, including a donation after details of Youngkin’s abuse were made public.


“How Andy Kim could accept a contribution from his running mate, George Youngkin, AFTER his history of domestic violence and abusing women was revealed is absolutely baffling, but not surprising,” said Congressman Tom MacArthur. “After all, Andy Kim endorsed corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez at an anti-corruption rally; and he broke his pledge not to accept corporate PAC donations by spending $900,000 in coordinated expenditures with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – which is flush with corporate PAC cash. Andy Kim needs to explain why he would accept a donation from a domestic abuser after the troubling reports were made public.”