Vote by Mail FAQ

October 28, 2018


Congressman Tom MacArthur cuts through dysfunction in Washington to get real results for our community. He helped save the Joint Base – and the tens of thousands of jobs that rely on it. Tom is the co-chair of the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force, leading efforts to fight the addiction epidemic. By working with Democrats, he passed a law that increases Medicare funding to Deborah Heart and Lung Center, by millions of dollars every year. His opponent is running to protest President Trump and Tom is running to work for you, whether you like Trump or not.

Information About Voting by Mail

Thanks to a new law, anyone who registered to vote by mail since 2016 will automatically receive a ballot to vote by mail. If you got a ballot and have not returned it, you can do so up until Election Day. If you would prefer to vote in person, you are still able to, but you will be casting a provisional ballot – which is ok.

If you have any questions, please contact your County Clerk’s office:

Burlington County Clerk

Phone: 609-265-5122

Ocean County Clerk

Phone: 732-929-2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get a ballot if I didn’t request one this year?

  • Under a new law, if you submitted to vote by mail application since 2016, you will be automatically receive a ballot to vote by mail starting this year for all future elections.

Can I still go to the polls and vote?

  • Yes. The only condition is that you would vote provisionally. This vote counts the same as a vote by mail.

Can I opt out of voting by mail?

  • Once you receive your ballot in the mail for this year, it is too late to opt out for this election. You will have to vote by mail or provisionally at the polls, but you can still call the county clerk and opt out for future years.

When do I have to have my mail ballot in by?

  • Your vote by mail has to be postmarked by Election Day — November 6th. For those returning it through the mail, we recommend returning it as soon as possible.