MacArthur, Norcross continue push for more KC-46 tankers

March 17, 2018

In a March 12 letter to Reps. Kay Granger, the chair of the Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, and Peter Visclosky, the subcommittee’s ranking Democrat, the two lawmakers made the case for continued funding for the tanker procurement, noting that the mission is crucial to both national security and the livelihood of the over 42,000 New Jersey residents who are employed at the base, as well as many new employees who are expected to move there once the tankers are located at the South Jersey installation.

LETTER: Don’t mix political debates, personal attacks

March 8, 2018

I’m writing in response to a letter to the editor titled “Silenced by my congressman, Tom MacArthur.” During a recent meeting with students about school safety, the issue of cyber-bullying was brought up numerous times. It’s a serious topic that isn’t just impacting school children. It’s occurring between adults — mothers, fathers, grandparents — on social media, including the Facebook page for my congressional office.

Background Checks: New Jersey Congressman Breaks Rank With NRA

February 27, 2018

A South Jersey congressman with a high favorable rating from the National Rifle Association is reversing his position on background checks for all gun purchases, following the deadly Florida high school shooting.

Tom MacArthur seeks tougher background checks for gun owners

February 21, 2018

The Parkland, Florida shooting and threats of harm to others at schools in New Jersey have once again reignited the debate over gun control. Shore Congressman Tom MacArthur has hatched a plan to prevent any more tragedies. MacArthur told WOBM News that what’s needed most are stricter background checks so people as unstable as Nikolas Cruz never get their hands on a gun.

Rep. Tom MacArthur to seek background check improvements after meeting with constituents, police

February 20, 2018

“The background check system needs to be plugged and made a lot stronger … Every state needs to achieve some best practices,” the second-term congressman said Monday evening after he hosted a roundtable discussion on gun safety in Stafford, Ocean County.

Congressman MacArthur helps get federal funds for Deborah Hospital

February 16, 2018

Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Burlington County will soon receive some much needed federal funding for healthcare. The Fairness for Our Hospitals Act sponsored by Shore Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-3rd District) grants about 6-million annually to Deborah Hospital solving the problem he says of an administrative wrong.

Bipartisan Heroin Task Force to push agenda that includes ‘robust funding’ to address opioid crisis

January 10, 2018

“For us to have progress at the federal level is supporting families and local communities, we have to have funding, robust funding, tens of billions of dollars in funding,” Rep. Tom MacArthur said. “So we will be asking our appropriators to make sure there is adequate funding for us to really do our jobs.”

Good news for Sandy victims: House limits FEMA ability to demand disaster repayments

December 25, 2017

U.S. House legislation to help victims of the most recent hurricanes also would help some of those who suffered losses under Hurricane Sandy.

MACARTHUR: Media distorting GOP tax plan

December 1, 2017

Nobody knows more than the people of New Jersey the pressure that high taxes can put on a family, small business or senior on a fixed income. After decades of tax, spend and borrow policies foisted upon us by Trenton politicians from both parties, we live in the highest-taxed state in America. People are voting with their feet and moving to lower tax states, draining New Jersey of future teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

GOP Rep. MacArthur says restoration of property tax deduction means New Jersey ‘won’

November 1, 2017

After opposing House leaders last week on the 2018 budget because of concerns about the Republican tax overhaul plan, Rep. Tom MacArthur said Wednesday he’s closer to “yes” on taxes because of promises to retain the deduction for property taxes, even if the deduction for state income tax is eliminated.